Monday, 16 February 2015

Perfectly Imperfect

Have you ever been completely happy with your life, and then on closer examination noticed the little cracks that run through it? Little imperfections that mar the surface? At first, these examinations made me angry, desperate to 'fix' the problems. But recently I have come to realise that it is these moments, that add colour to the fabric of our lives.

It is forgetting to stock up on milk and having Green tea in the morning instead of coffee. It is footprints on an otherwise spotless beach. It is plans that go awry. It is thunderstorms in February that pull leaves off the trees. It is a pimple on the day of a date, and blemishes on perfect white roses.

Life is not perfect. There is no fixed set of rules. The pressure we put on ourselves to fit into this image we have created of 'perfect' is enough to break us. These little imperfections are part and parcel of our every day lives, and the sooner we learn to accept them as such, the happier we will be.

Embrace your imperfections, celebrate the blemishes in your life, and realise that the only person you need to impress, is yourself.
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And remember,
Happiness is a choice

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