Monday, 2 February 2015

February - the month of love(-ing yourself)

Wow... Is it just me of is time flying? 1 month of 2015 down and only 11 left to go. Are you still sticking to your New Year's goals?

For most people, February is the month of love. Roses, and chocolates and big Valentine's day plans, it is so easy to get caught up in the hype of the holiday. As a hopeless romantic myself, I love celebrating Valentine's day. I don't buy big, flashy gifts, but I love acknowledging the people in my life with small tokens of love and appreciation throughout the month.

This year, however, the month of February is going to take a different direction for me. This is the month that I am going to love myself, acknowledge my eccentricities, embrace my flaws, celebrate my strengths. I am going to invest in myself, spend time on myself, and what feeds my soul.

I have come to realise lately, that the most important person in my life, should be me. That I need to take care of myself, in order to properly care for my children. For me, this is a new concept. I have always been so caught up in being the best for other people, that I forgot to be the best for me. It took a lot of heartache for me to acknowledge that I need to stand up for myself, be in my own corner, and stop sacrificing myself.

And that is my wish for all of you, that you steal some time during this month of love, to focus on yourself. Read a book, bake cupcakes, go for coffee, carve out some time in your busy life, to love yourself. You are worth it.
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Be happy, my loves, because happiness is a choice! 

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