Monday, 1 September 2014

Spring Day Motivation 1 September 2014

New day, new week, new month, new season! What could be more exciting than that? Seasons are changing, the weather is warming up wonderfully, the world is blossoming and flowering all around us and we are also feeling renewed and energised.

Spring is a time of growth and rebirth, of shaking off the damage of the winter that has passed and awakening to the endless hope that the summer holds. It is a time of cleaning out the clutter, both physically and emotionally, that has built up over the past year and creating space for the possibilities that lie ahead.

Like a butterfly breaking from its cocoon to feel the first sun rays on it's wings, spring is about opening yourself up to love and happiness, about shaking off the bonds of the past and looking towards a bright new future.

Embrace this new season as a time of growth and learning, Open yourself up to what life holds for you in this season of change and possibility. Believe in your worth. Believe in yourself. Believe in life.
And remember, happiness is a choice!

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