Monday, 8 September 2014

Monday Motivation 08 September 2014

Have you ever experienced the feeling that as soon as you think your life is going good, you get thrown a massive curve ball which messes with everything you thought you had figured out?

It happens to me often. Really often. So often that I've sort of come to expect it. But that's the thing, life doesn't always go like you plan it. Things go wrong. Plans don't work out, Your car breaks down, or your pet gets sick, or you don't get the job you were dreaming about. Your relationship ends, your best friend moves away, your party cake doesn't turn out how you imagined it. 

Whether big or small, curve balls happen. Experiencing them is part of life. What sets you apart from the person next to you is the way you deal with it, the way you react. Do you sit and cry, or do you take the curve ball in your stride and see it as a a learning curve? Do you feel sorry for yourself and lash out at life, or do you see it as a way to re-plan your mission, to realign with your goals? 

Like everything in life, it is your choice how you react. It's your choice how you deal with these changes to your goals.

Just remember, you are stronger than what ever gets thrown your way. You are stronger than that which is designed to destroy you. You have within you strengths that you do not even know of yet.

Trust in yourself, trust in your abilities to adapt to your circumstances, and remember, happiness is a choice. 

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