Friday, 19 September 2014

Monday (Friday) Motivation 19 September 2014

Many people I have been speaking to lately, tend to feel 'stuck in a rut', that the same things tend to result from anything new they attempt, that every relationship or new project follows the same path. Is this the same for you? Have you also noticed that your life seems to be following a repetitive pattern?

We tend to have the same expectations, the same goals, the same driving forces for each different aspect of our lives, for each new project or relationship. We follow the same path, have the same insecurities, the same outlook, but expect a different result every time. If 0 + 0 = 0, no amount of wishing or crying or anger is going to get it to equal 1.

 The only way we can every get a different result, can change our path, or reach a different destination, is if we change our way of doing things. Shake it up a little. Set new goals or boundaries, and break our old habits and old ways of thinking.
I loved reading those 'Choose your own Adventure' books as a child, and was always amazed at how the whole outcome of the story could change if you chose the left or the right path at the fork in the road in the middle of the forest. Life is still like that, we are still the masters of our own adventures, and the possibilities are endless.

So be brave dear one, be brave enough to decide you are not happy with the current outcomes of your life, and be fierce enough to change your result by shaking up the formula of your life.

And remember, happiness is a choice. 

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