Monday, 4 August 2014

Monday Motivation 4 August 2014

If you are anything like me, Monday mornings suck enough as is. Back to routine, back to work, back to school, with just the memories of a great weekend to carry you through. So I figure, everyone can use a little inspiration and good vibes to enjoy along with their early morning cup of coffee!

Following on from the epiphanies I shared in my previous blog post, I'd like you to bear this one thought in mind for the week:
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Think of the one thing that you want to achieve, the one thing that you want to do with your life, where your passion lies.

Now think of the reasons keeping you from achieving it, whether self-imposed or from external influences. Take a moment and really think about them. 

Now, forget about them. Forget about the fears and insecurities and self-imposed boundaries. Forget about the blocks that exist only in your mind. 

Believe in yourself and your abilities, believe in the power within yourself and the capabilities that you were born with. Believe in your inner strength. Believe in you!

Happy Monday friends! Go out there and kick butt!

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