Monday, 18 August 2014

Monday Motivation 18 August 2014

Life seems ruled by time, doesn't it? Alarm clocks blaring, rushing from one place to the next, meetings, responsibilities, every day seems filled to the brim with stuff to do and people to see and places to be. I often feel like I am giving so much of myself, between raising two children and working two jobs that my passions have been left by the wayside. I would tell myself often that I 'don't have time to read a book, play some piano, enjoy a quiet cup of coffee, or do some writing', and I believed it.

Starting this blog, and doing what I love, prompted me to relook my time-management skills and re-prioritise my schedule. I decided that Sunday nights would be 'my nights', devoted to blogging, reading, cross-stitch etc, anything that made me happy.

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Find one thing that brings you joy, one thing that makes you happy, something you love, and schedule time to devote to it. Just half an hour to do something that brings you joy. Soon, you will be so used to having that 'you' time in your schedule that you will wonder what ever kept you from devoting that time in the first place. 

Doing what you love will make you happy. Happiness in one aspect of your life will spill over into other aspects, infecting all areas of your life with love and happiness. Go on, you deserve it!

And remember, happiness is a choice! 

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